Peer Review Process

The editor will review all manuscripts submitted to WIMAYA: Interdisciplinary Journal of International Affairs for suitability to the journal's focus and scope. Regardless the topic or methodology, the primary focus must be international affairs. WIMAYA particularly encourages research articles that tackles global-local dynamics.

WIMAYA uses a double-blind review process (i.e., neither the author(s) nor the reviewers are aware of each other's identities). WIMAYA send the manuscript to at least two reviewers, with anonymous feedback delivered to the author. The editorial team uses recommendations from expert reviewers to determine whether the article is accepted or rejected.


After the editorial team receives the review results, the author will receive one of the following decisions:

1. Accept submission. The article requires no further revisions and is ready for copyediting.

2. Request Revision. The article needs to be improved based on the reviewers' suggestions and the editors' assessment when a manuscript is subject to this decision. After the decision is made, the author will have 7-21 days to have their manuscripts revised, depending on the revision level (minor-major).

3. Resubmit for review (Second round review). The editor may have made this decision because the manuscript offers a high level of originality in terms of topic and analysis. Still, the manuscript is not written comprehensively. In addition, often, the manuscript can use better referencing.

4. Decline submission. The editorial team will decline a manuscript when it does not fit the journal's focus and scope and if it is plagiarized.